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Questions about TV and PC speaker set up

Hi everyone,

I was thinking of improving my TV sound quality.

I am currently using the TV speakers only.

TV Usage

The TV is mostly used for daily TV viewing, youtube and for use with the PS3.

Using it as a HT system is very unlikely as I don't usually watch movies from DVDs/Blu ray.

I don't intend get a full size receiver/amplifier as I have neither the space nor do I see the need for it given my usage.




1. Between the Harman Kardon Soundsticks 3 and the Audioengine A2, which would be a better choice to upgrade the TV speakers?

2. Besides Emotiva's mini-X a-100, are there any other mini amps that are worth considering to pair with passive speaker?


Appreciate the feedback.

Kal Rubinson
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1.  Dunno as I have never

1.  Dunno as I have never heard either.

2.  Powered speakers like these do not need an amp if your TV has the necessary connectors.


Bill B
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AudioEngines much better than the sound sticks.

Chocomint (not verified)
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Thanks for the replies

Thanks for the replies guys. 

I shiuld have made things clearer, my apologies. 

The mini amp would be needed if i decide to go with passive speakers instead. I do not foresee needing that many connections for steroes hence getting the typical av receiver would be an overkill. Thus i would either go with a pair of active speakers or mini amp and passive speakers. 

Based on the feedback thus far, I should just givethe soundsticks a miss. Are there any mini amps that are worth looking at? Would 60 watts be suffiient to drive, say, Monitor Audio BX2? Or other similar range of speakers?

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