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Question on "jitter" in HDMI

Hi Folks,

I have a basic question to ask.

I am currently using Itunes to play my losslessly encoded CD's. The PC that is running Itunes is hardwired ethernet to ATV2 and from there I have HDMI feeding into a Marantz processor.

My working assumption is that in this "circuit", the Marantz gets the pristine digital signal (as off a CD) and all processing occurs in the Marantz. So, e.g. if I wanted to use another DAC, I would simply plug the HDMI coming of ATV2 into the new DAC.

Reading some forums, I am no longer sure that my assumptions are correct as it appears that either Itunes or ATV2 might be resampling the audio stream.

I would really appreciate some insight here.


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I don't know of any external

I don't know of any external HDMI DAC's , You'll have to search for one of those. If you decide to go with a External DAC , then I suggest using Optical out. Use a high quality Optical cable and start reading about External DAC's.

 I have used the Cambridge Audio Dac Magic with many Apple Tv's and the results are stellar. I'm in the process of trying out a Peachtree Idac and maybe a Audioengine D1. 

 I personally own both the Apple Tv 160g and the Apple Tv 3 1080p model. I feel the Apple Tv 160 sounds best. I have them both connected VIA HDMI and Optical. Reason for this is I wanted to hear if there was any audio truth to the HDMI jitter thing I learned about. But my findings is I can't hear any audio differences between Optical out and HDMI out. I sat for hours going back and forth on the same device. Then switched to the other and did the same thing. Same song over and over. The only thing I didn't like about my test was when I switched from Optical to HDMI , it took a few seconds for the audio to come back. From HDMI to Optical was very fast and a better rout for compare.

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