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Question about Digital RCA/SPDIF Cable


I have an MIT AVt-1 Digital Cable that I use to connect one of my front end source components to my external DAC. As far as I know this cable is just like any other digital cable in terms of its design but for some reason it only seems to work with certain connection configurations. For example, both of my audio devices have standard RCA/SPDIF and BNC style connection options. Since the cable itself doesn't come with BNC style ends I need to use a BNC to RCA adapter attached to the cable to connect it to these devices if I want to use that configuration method.

The problem I am having is that the cable will not transmit a signal that my DAC can lock on to if I use it in a straight RCA to RCA configuration (ie..standard RCA/SPDIF out from source to RCA/SPDIF in on external DAC). Another option is if I try to run BNC out to BNC in between these components with the attached adapter it will also not provide a lockable signal for the DAC.

Now on the other hand, if I connect it using a BNC style on one end and a RCA connection at the other ( RCA/BNC adapter at one end only)it will transmit a lockable signal for the DAC.

One thing to point out is that if I use a different digital cable any of the above configurations works as expected.

Am I missing something here? Is the cable broke or could it be designed for some other "ohm" rating besides 75ohm? Do BNC connections have a different "ohm" output? I can't imagine the cable being broke as it does work, but only under certain previously mentioned scenarios.

Thanks for any info you can provide.

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