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Quad and Leak

I am an audio virgin and thus have the following questions, having recently (for 550 UK p ounds) acquired a QUAD 33  pre amp , LEAK T 12 power amp+  and LEAK POINT ONE amp.


1. can I run them to listen to a CD player ?

2. How much sound quality  would I loose out by having a mono amp (the Leak one )

3. Why have 3 amps anyway - should I not give one amp away ?


4. any comments on the price  ...



Many Xmas greetings





Audio - virgin.

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You can certainly connect a CD player to them; speakers would be good

If one amplifier is a spare, you may want to sell it.

Stereo is the usual thing; mono is not such a good idea.

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Very old pieces. Pre-1950.

I'd do a search on those amps and find info on restoration. As far as I can determine both the TL12 plus and the Point One were mono amps.

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