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Quad 405 to drive 4 Quad ESL-57s

I have a Quad 405, 4 Quad ESL-57s, a McIntosh MC 2105 Amp, and a McIntosh C 28 pre-amp as hand me downs from my dad. Naturally, the Quad 405 is need of repair since the caps are dead.

I was looking at the Mac Mod for the Quad 405 and was wondering if I do that mod, can I still safely drive my ESL-57s? I was just thinking about replacing the op-amp and the caps only.

The Quad 405 was originally connected to the Main Outs on the C 28, while the Line outs were connected to the MC 2105 driving a pair of unknown speakers.

I know if I connect the ESL-57s to any modern amps, I'd probably blow them up.

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