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quad 11L/12L classic versus B&W CM1/CM2

Hi, hoping you can assist with your great wisdom

I,m looking to change my general back ground music speakers to one of the 4 in the title - hence i,m trying to get a bench mark of the quads versus the B&W's

fully apreciate the many variances and opinions on such matters - so it's kinda input from anyone who has experienced these two manufacturer's and the specific speakers - like for like

i,m replacing a set of old and well abused B&W DM580 floor standers - why because i,m now an old fart and like to listen diffrently

I have a quad ESL 63 set up as my main Listening speakers - the above speakers are for the day / work room - i.e. decent back ground music

what am I looking for ? / concerned about

I like the quad alround balanced - "soft" musicality - but I don't like bright treble

I don't do big base / boom these days- but I do like to hear a natural base instrument

I don't like a flat "back there by the speakers" sound - I prefer to just have music projected into the room - not so obviously coming from the speakers

I,m suspecting i,m ticking the quad box - but am enquisitive how the B&W also perform, my gut feel is the B&W will sound more modern and clinical Versus the quads ( maybe not a bad thing - just diffrent)

i,ll have a choice of Cyrus 2 with PSX power supply - or upgraded quad 303 and 34 amp / pre amp 

Oh! and the little versus the not so little versions i.e. CM1 V CM2 and 11L V 12L - perversly since I said I don't do boom these days - I'm not adverse to fitting a sub to help these small box's perform - if they need it

many thanks for your thoughts

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IMO the B & W speakers you are talking about are not nearly as well-balanced or good-sounding as the Model 685.

I suggest that you check out the online review of the 685 from "what hi-fi". Their reviews seem to be quite reliable and informative.

Another very good one is the Wharfedale Diamond 10.2.

I use the NHT B12D subwoofer which offers exceptionally clean bass quality (with no "boom" or unwanted resonances). Highly recommended.

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