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PurePower vs. PS Audio Power Plant Premier

No review for PurePower products in Stereophile yet? I'd like to see a review of the PurePower 2000 so I can decide between that and the Power Plant Premier. Any thoughts?

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My Purepower 1050 sucks - Big time

Actually the one I have is my second one.  The first one failed.  It kept switching from battery to wall supply at random and drained the battery several times.  They both, however, degraded the sound of my system.


Interestingly enough, both units made the transformers on certain amps and preamps "hum".  It didn't come through the speakers, but rather the actual transformer in the device hummed.  I was told by a reputable audio engineer that it was most likely DC leakage in the line, being introduced by the unit.


I'm not sure what's going on, but it is now an 80 pound "turd" sitting in my basement.


I now have 2 Richard Gray units plugged into a PS audio ultimate outlet.  Digital stuff into one Richard Gray, analog stuff in the other.  That really did the trick in my system.  Blacker background and cleaner sound.  

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