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A product Rave

I am using an iMac as sever and have to, because of equipment location, run a long glass toslink to my DAC. Glass made a big improvement over the plastic link I started with but another item has almost as big an improvement.

I am getting pretty good sound with the system with my only complaint being a bit of grit in the high end that I put down to jitter caused by the long Toslink run. I replaced my $2 mini Toslink to Toslink adapter at the iMac with a new $20 Startech adapter and 90% of the grit I thought was jitter went away...

So, Startech makes a very nice adapter and that minor change made a big audible difference in my setup...

They make a lot of connectors at a lot of price points...this is the part number I bought

B0040IQVTW through Amazon...

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