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Problem with late 50's Magnavox

I just came into possession of a Magnavox TP266D. I bought it for $10 on craigslist as a "decorative piece," but I figured I could fix it. When I got it home I fired it up and it played just fine. The guy I bought it from said it would start to slow down, but playing a few albums at 33rpm I didn't notice this problem.

What I did notice is upon starting to play, the arm would swing to the middle of the album. I couldn't think of what might be wrong until last night. I assume its starting as if there were a 45 on the table instead of what I had there. Does anyone have ideas?

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Probably works like an old Dual

There is a mechanical switch that determines where the cam gear "starts" the arm at. Make sure it isn't stuck.

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