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Junk Tech
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Pro Sound Speakers

I have been building speakers since I was a teenager - mounting old speakers in shoe boxes trying to get good sound, ha. Then I moved up to constructing wood boxes with Radio shack speakers and crossovers. The RS speakers I built sounded good, but lower quality sometimes meant they'd just 'stop working'.
Finally I got making decent money and bought six JBL L80T3 - 10" three way systems. They sound great and the cabinets are very pretty, but they've never had serious bass, so I built four 15" subs for thunder bass, and powered everything with two Onkyo M504 amps, @ 165 watts per channel. This is a pretty good sounding system, but I've had plenty of speaker problems because of 'foam surrounds'. I have replaced all the JBL woofer surrounds with rubber surrounds I got from a speaker rebuild shop. I also had the same problem with my first 15" subs.
Since then I have been migrating toward pro sound speakers. I replaced my old subs with four Eminence 15" woofers with big motors and cloth accordion surrounds. These speakers WILL NOT fall apart! Next I plan to buy some high freq horns to help out the lower efficiency JBL's, and eventually I will probably replace the JBL direct radiators in my main system with midrange horns crossed over to the Eminence 15's, which are not technically 'sub' woofers - but they do the job nicely in my 400 sq ft attic apartment and are far more versatile than just a 'sub'.
My goal is to reproduce the sound of a rock concert as accurately as possible.
Thanks for your attention.

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Reproducing the sound of a rock concert in an attic of 400 square feet is a real challenge. To attain those levels of sound output in that volume of space, the room would be overloaded. Good Luck. Let us know how your did.

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