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Pro audio + Digital Surround Sound


I currently own two JBL PRX612M which I love and a Gemini RMX5 which I use only for personal entertainment at home and at social gatherings. These components were my introduction to Pro audio and I have had a desire to expand my JBL collection.  Unfortunately my home theater system just bit the dust and needs to be replaced. I'm honestly not trying to dump money on two separate audio systems right now and my living room has enough room for large JBLs to come in without me feeling claustrophobic... if you catch my drift. 

Unfortunately though, as an amateur hobbiest I am unaware of how to take a LPCM, Dolby Digital, DTS, etc., audio signal from the S/PDIF or HDMI connection on my DVD/Blu-ray player and make it play properly from a collection of powered JBL speakers.

Googling things like "XLR DSP decoder" produces mixed results most of which seem to be overly complicated or beyond my understanding.  Devices like the Yamaha AVENTAGE CX-A5000, the Marantz AV7701, and the Onkyo PA-MC5500 look as though they would do the job perfectly but I would rather buy equipment meant to travel.

So... the million dollar question: where can I find a Pro six, eight, or ten channel device with XLR outputs that will decode a digital signal to allow me to use self powered speakers for a conventional home theater application?

Thank you for your assistance, Jon

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I suggest that you look at the website and possibly call and talk to someone there.

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If your disc player does  not

If your disc player does  not have multichannel analog outputs, consider getting an Oppo 95, 103 or 105 player with a handful of RCA-to-XLR adapters.

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