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Prioritization advice for a newbie

Hi All!

I'm a newbie to this whole thing and wanted to ask some advice on how to prioritize getting started with a new audio setup.

Brief background: I listen to mostly Jazz with a little bit of R&B thrown in there as well. As a source, it's primarily Spotify which I expect I'll stream over a Sonos Connect, I'm also slowing gathering a record collection and will eventually want to invest in a high-quality record player.

My current system consists of two Klipsch RB 61 II speakers, driven by a Yamaha RX V477. I'd like to save up and upgrade over time, eventually spending less than 10k for the upgrade -- that should be enough to get something like the Paradigm Prestige floor standers and a reasonable amplifier to drive them.

Two questions:

What's the weakest link in my setup? Should I focus on upgrading the amplifier or the speakers first?

At that budget, will I notice a radical improvement in sound quality, or am I wasting my time? Or perhaps I could have a significant impact with way less?

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