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Kal Rubinson
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Pricing correction for the MSR Spring Traps

The correct price is $909 each.  I had thought that they were priced by the pair but, when we found out that price was for each trap, we corrected only one of the two pricing statements in the column.  I apologize for any confusion (and thanks to Tom Norton for noticing it).


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I was poised to strike. Even passed wife review!

I obviously filtered out the price report I didn't like and focused on the other! (Not the product's fault.)

Just to let them know. The 909.00 per pair price would have many more people jumping in, if a higher volume approach is feasible.

It was a very interesting review and Kal's opinion was so well described that they had me sound unheard. I even enjoyed reading the technical part of the story - obviously an inventive product.

I think this would have been cool to bring the THE Show, as well. Those rooms have some downright hateful behaviors.

Still, best wishes to them for an innovative idea.





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