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Power for B&W 583 S2
traynor3 wrote:
rrstesiak wrote:


I too evaluated the rogue and creek; and also a Croft integrated, and decided on the creek and have enjoyed it since its release (I received a version 2) and have zero regrets.

Some reasons why the creek won:

1. It has an available outstanding internal DAC, digital FM tuner and Bluetooth receiver combined into one module available for a great value based on the Wolfson DAC (designed and built in Scotland). Interestingly, the fm signal gets processed by the DAC. An engineering delight no other manufacturer has ever done!

2. The creek also has a total of THREE internal and affordable phono stage upgrades for mm or mc.

3. The creek is a traditional class A/B component with decades proven, upgraded, improved and reliable architecture vs. the new hybrid approach of class D integrated with tube tech which has to be maintained with replacing tubes.

4. My little creek is now a total integrated high end receiver with only one remote operating a tuner, phono, amp, pre-amp, etc...

5. The creek has a wonderful OLED display showing artist info etc.. The rogue has none.

6. The creek has a remote. Rogue has none.

7. Unlike most DACS on the market, the creek DAC displays the actual frequency.. I find it very useful for verifying the correct frequency is in fact being properly passed and processed.

8. Aesthetics are in my opinion superior and lend a much more modern and clean look; especially the high quality display.

9. Most important for last: The sound is sublime.

Actually, even more in favor of the rogue, I really like the Croft integrated... It has:

1. Love the simple casework actually.
2. Point-to-point old school wiring with Bakelite.
3. Tubes (negative in maintenance but huge positive in sound)
4. Small, quirky and very British company with a passionate designer

Had I been given an opportunity to audition the Croft, I may have purchased it; with Sphinx a close second, but the Creek winning out.

My educated, researched, and experienced input from a creek evolution 50a owner

Kind Regards,

Ronald Stesiak, PhD

Edit: the new revision of the rogue unit now offers a remote, but it appears very limited.

I have used this forum as a reference for a long time in researching audio components, but this is my first post here, I was hoping for some advice regarding these two integrated amps.

Basically my question is if the Creek 50A could adequately power B&W 683 S2? And Secondly, does the Rogue or Creek 'pair' nicer to the 683 S2 ?

I plan to purchase either the Creek 50A or Rogue Sphinx to power B&W 683 S2 or Monitor Silver8 (haven't decided yet). My room dimensions are 11'x19', but not a lot of walls, it is open to adjacent rooms. I listen to a wide range of music, mostly from vinyl. Although the only Rogue includes a pre-amp, I like the Creek for the reasons provided in "rrstesiak" post. in the in the Rogue is nice, I am still considering the Creek.

Any feedback related to any of these components would be greatly appreciated,

Thanks for your help,

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