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possibly upgrading turntable

Hi all,

Bit of a noob in the world of high-end analog. I've been running a Rega P1 with a Sumiko Blue Point cartridge for a little under a year now. I've been happy with the sound. However, my cartridge has ended up with a bent cantilever somehow (thinking roomate/friend, but who knows), and won't track to the inner grooves of a side.

Sumiko apparently offers a discount on repair, OR a discounted upgrade. This has me tempted to jump on the upgrade, but I'm worried about getting too much cartridge for my 'table, so to speak. What are folks' thoughts on quality of turntable relative to quality of cartridge? Does it ever make sense to have a cartridge more expensive than the table it's mounted to?


tom collins
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Since no one has replied, or it has been erased:

Did you like the sound of the old cart? If so, have you listened to the next cart up the line either at a friend's house or at the store? Did you like the qualities that you heard in the upgrade? I think for a table of that quality a cartridge in the $3-400 range would not be overkill. Maybe a Blue Point Special in the Sumiko line? If you prefer a more laid back sound, perhaps a Grado?

Good luck and let us all know how you go on this.

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get away from the blue point.

buy a better cartridge and you'll be much happier. a shure m97xe AND a jico sas stylus would likely make you happy. the stock shure stylus will be OK until you receive the jico but the jico will be WAY better.

there are any number of ortofon cartridges to be happy with and easily outdo the blue point.

your tt is probably ok. i see this post is months old but maybe you havent made a move on this yet.

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