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Possible upgrades to current system

Looking for advice on future upgrading some of my components in my current system which consists of a Denon AVR-X4000, Wharfedale Jade 3 Bookshelf speakers along with an ELAC 12 Debut subwoofer, a Thorens TD-318 turntable and an older One-bit Rotel CD player. Various Cambridge Soundworks surround speakers complete the 6.1 Home Theater system and I have an Apple Airport Express for wifi and music sharing. This is a basement area that has been treated with acoustic panels since the floor and 3 walls are cement or brick -lost a lot of echos and it sounds like a regular room now.

I was planning to upgrade my phono cartridge with a new head shell and also add a Schitt Mani Phono Preamp for starters but the more I thought about it I realized that perhaps for better overall sound for stereo music listening I should just get the upgraded phono cartridge then get a quality integrated amplifier with a quality phono pre-amp instead. This way I could attach the integrated amp to my Denon AVR for H/T use but only have the front speakers and the subwoofer running off the integrated for better sound. I would also connect my turntable and CD player to the integrated amp and just have the Denon AVR running all the surround channels.
For integrated amps I was thinking about the Peachtree Nova 150, the Peachtree 225 SE or on the higher end an Arcam A39. Would these choices make sense for the Wharfedale Jade 3 speakers which can be run by amps putting out up to 150 wpc? Any additional suggestions for integrated amps would be appreciated. Thanks in advance for your time and attention to my inquiry.

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