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Portable Setup for Two

Hey all,

I am a therapist that works with a lot of children and adolescents and want to incorporate more music into the work that I do. I am not satisfied with the experience that a phone, a spliter, and a couple of sets of budget headphones is providing my clients.

My setup needs to be:

Portable, as more than half my sessions are in-home visits.
Headphone based, as we don't always have the option to be very loud when in-home.
Shareable, as I also need to be listening to the music with my clients.

Music selection will be as varied as the kids I am working with.

Any ideas one what my approach should be?

A duel output DAP with two Amps and two sets of headphones?

Go easy on me. I am new and just graduating from Bose QCs into the bigger leagues.

Many thanks from me and the kiddos who will benefit from your time. :)

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