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Paul Mattei
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Polk Monitor 70 Speakers

I am new to this forum. Been a Hi Fi enthusiast most of my life. Currently have a decent turmtable and cartridge (Grado Blue), using a Marantz 2230 as a pre-amp and a Carver 100 watt power amp. Have some Older Radio Shack Optimus spealers that i have alway thought were pretty good sounding. Polk is currently offering some good prices on their older line of Monitor 70 speakers. Any thoughts on this product??


Paul Mattei

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For a $400 pair of floorstanding speakers

the Polk Monitor 70 is a competent piece made attractive by currently closeout pricing.  I'd try to listen to a pair first before making a decision.  A definite step up from the Realistic Optimus line.

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