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Please help a novice w/a simple question?

I apologize for the busch league question here since this is a high-end blog. But, I am having trouble finding the answer to this, and what I have found, may answer my questions, but I don't understand the jargon. I'm hoping someone can please clarify this for me. Any help is greatly appreciated. Here's the deal:

First off, I hope to not spend a ton of money on the equipment, including the speakers, but not super-cheap. Essentially, I want to be able to watch movies and Xbox with surround sound and then listen to music via 4 other speakers. Nothing fancy... We just purchased a new home that will be having a lot of drywall done so I figured its a great time to lace some speaker cables out to the deck and, separately, the patio below (2 & 2).

So, can I buy a decent surround system (by my novice definition) with "2 zones?" Then use the "normal" surround sound outlets for the surround speakers for TV/Movies/Xbox, and then use a "4-6 speaker selector" with individual selectors out of the "zone 2" outlet for the additional 2 sets of outdoor speakers (4 speakers in total)? I know power may be a concern but I doubt we will use all of the speakers (i.e. inside and outside) at the same time, but maybe... And it would be nice to not have to use all of the outside speakers at the same time, every time, since the patio is far from the deck...

Or, assuming the outside speakers are weaker, would I be better off buying a larger speaker selector with individual controls and plug all speakers, including the surround sound into that? Then, when watching movies etc., we can just select the relevant 4-5 buttons? If not playing loud music, and to not damage everything, wouldn't this give us the option of turning on all, or most of, the speakers at once, if desired (a combo of in and outside)?

Sorry for the ignorance, but I'm trying to keep this simple and somewhat inexpensive! Someone please explain this to me...Thanks.

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Some 7.1 home theater receivers have Zone 2 speaker outputs,

usually the surround back speaker terminals, which will allow running the main system in 5.1 and Zone 2 at the same time from difference sources or the same source. You would then need a speaker selector for two pairs of speakers with impedance correction like the Niles SSVC-2 that would connect to Zone 2.

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