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Please comment/advise on current set up

Thinking about getting a Oppo105. How would you suggest I hook up my system? Currently I have my LG 9600 hooked into my Marantz SR7005 via HDMI. I have my Squeezebox touch Hooked into my AVR(streaming from my Mac). via analog. I have my Fios box into my AVR and my Apple TV hooked into my AVR( both HDMI).I also have a Adcom GFA 555 hooked into my zone 2 on my AVR to power my outside, dining room,kitchen and living room( via Adcom speaker selector). Current speaker are KEF LS 50's F/R/C, KEF 2000.1 surrounds and SVS PB12 NSB. Would in be beneficial to switch the F L/R LS 50's into the Adcom? Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.

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