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Pioneer SP-BS41-LR speakers or any close alternative in $$ and sound quality?

Last year Stereophile reviewed these speakers (now selling around $135/pair on Amazon) as very close to but not quite the quality of Wharfedale Diamond 10.1's.  I know I can't expect the world at this price range but these are around $200 less per pair and is money I work hard for and need to put to an amp or receiver.

I am also considering the floorstanding BS51's at slightly more.

On the amp/receiver side I am narrowed down to either an Onkyo A-5VL integrated amp or a Harman-Kardon HK3490 stereo receiver.  Why these?  Digital inputs mostly.  Both of those are generally well liked and the HK3490 is a high-current amp design (I think) while the Onkyo has nice specs of its own.

Into these components I hope to run Flac audio files via USB and an HRT MusicStreamer II from my MacBook Pro.

Are there any comparable speakers close to the $135-$200 range any better than these two Pioneers?  i also noticed the 41's are missing from Pioneers 2012 product line.


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Sounds like you have evaluated your needs well.

You could do a lot worse than the Pioneer SP-B41-LR speakers or the SP-FS51-LR floorstanders. The 51 and 41 are being discontinued, replaced by the SP-FS52 and SP-BS22-LR.

I'd go with the HK3490. I'd spend the extra $100 and get the Audioquest Dragonfly. I assume if you are going to be using FLAC you will employ a third party player as iTunes will not play FLAC alone.

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Rockford Fosgate for home?

Hi everyone I am new to the boards but I was thinking of running two 15 inch T0 Rockford Fosgate subs in my house does anyone have experience with this? I found them on sale at not sure if they are worth the effort of messing around with, anyone have any kind of experience with it? let me know what you guys think

JoeE SP9
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Why not buy a sub or subs actually designed for home use?

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Home subs are different

in that very few people want a sub in their home that will play one note incredibly loudly. Many people in car audio seem to want a sub like this, so I bet the market gives them plenty of choices!

Some good price for money subs come from REL and Emotiva and Hsu and what I own, Outlaw Audio. I would check these out for home use.


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