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Pioneer A-35R "tripping out"

I have a Pioneer A-35R amplifier connected to 2 5' long JBL speakers.  I have a Sony Vizio TV that only plugs into the Pioneer with the headphone jack - there are a ton of different inputs but no RCA output on the newer TVs.

So, I am going from 1/8" headphone to dual RCA into the "CD" input on the amplifier.  It worked great! Until...

I unplugged the cord to use it on something else, plugged it back in a few days later (today), and turned everything on.

When I turn up the volume, the sound goes POP and all the lights (CD, Phono, Tuner, etc. toggle lights) are blinking, then it goes silent and freezes so I have to shut it off and try it again.

I turn it back on, and the sound is very faint, sometimes I get a 60-cycle hum with the TV sound very faintly underneath.

I shut it off and turn it back on again, and it goes POP and all the lights are blinking again.

Did I blow it by putting something in the wrong place?  How do I fix it - quickly!?  It's not my unit and I can't afford a new one, but I do know how to take something apart and solder it back together. 

Please help!!!

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My first thought...

My first thought is that you are overloading the input of your Pioneer amplifier with the TV.  I assume the headphone output of the TV is volume controlled, and if that is what you are turning up before the Pioneer trips out, that may be your problem.

When I use a volume controlled device (TV in your case) as a source to an amplifier, I first turn the source (TV) down, then turn the amplifier up to the highest level I have normally used at for other sources.  Then slowly turn the source (TV) up to highest comfortable listening level you would ever use and leave it there. Then turn down the amplifier and use its volume control for future volume adjustments. This way there is less chance of overdriving the Pioneer.

You can use the TV as primary volume control, but you have to be careful that the Pioneer volume is never set too high.

Or maybe your Pioneer is broken, and then I have no idea. It might help if you tell what happens if you turn it on with no TV plugged in to it.  Better yet, try plugging in a CD player or something else and seeing how it works then.

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