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Pioneer 15D-ii

I picked up a Pioneer 15D-ii this past weekend from my Father-In-Law. When I brought it home, I noticed it had an Ortofon VMS 20E cartridge. When I plugged the TT in, nothing happened so I took it apart. I noticed that the microswitch was originally held in place with these thin plastic screws, which were broken off. I replaced the two plastic screws with two metal screws.

Here is the operation I performed:

-Drilled the deck with slightly larger holes
-Since the plastic arm slides over the back screw, I cut a deeper flat head slot in the screw and then cut the head off.
-Attached the microswitch back to the deck

Everything is operational, however I do receive a lot of feedback (wow & flutter) from my speakers. The needle on the cartridge looks bent and does look like it requires a replacement. What would cause this wow & flutter feedback? The TT is located a couple of feet away and not in direct line of the speaker. When I hook up my other TT (B&O RX-2 with MMC 4) there isn't any feedback whatsoever. I also setup the tracking, cartridge, and anti-skate according the instructions for the Pioneer.

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defining terms will help.  Wow and flutter are basically speed variation problems in a turntable, and are different than feedback (which is basically when output gets fed back into input, such as when a speaker is too close to a microphone, or a turntable).  Speakers cause loud vibrations (music!) so if the turntable is just a couple feet away, it's probably too close.  Move it farther away. The turntable should be on a sturdy support, and it may help to have its feet on some absorbent material too.  I don't know anything about the Pioneer, but it may be more susceptible to vibration than your B&O.

And also - yes replace the stylus if it's bent.

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