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Beauty Of Sound
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Ping Mr. Valin

Mr. Valin,
I was fortunate to come across your book Living Stereo-The RCA Bible at the NYS Library. What an amazing book! The work that you put into the completion of the book is mind-boggling. I, of course had to take the book back. Do you have any information how I might get a few more copies? I and a few friends would like a copy.

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Yer right, the RCA Bible is a terrific compendium of information.  But Jonathan Valin is not associated with this magazine so there's a very low probability he will see your post.  Since the RCA Bible has been out of print for many years your best bet with respect to obtaining more copies is to check the book out again from the library and Xerox the Bejesus out if it.  I suppose it's possible an RCA Bible might pop up on eBay or Audiogon but I wouldn't hold my breath.  The last time I looked, about four years ago, the RCA Bible in good condition was selling for about a 100 bucks.


cheers, g. kait, Machina Dynamica

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