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Photos in the galleries

Is it just me or are the photos of home theater systems rather boring? I don't mean to be rude but it seems like many of the two channel rigs have some charecter. By this I mean artwork, tapestries, tweaks, optimized speaker placement and most of the home theater rigs are: giant speakers (placed against the wall), giant sub (right next to the speakers), giant black TV, giant receiver or pre/pro, giant amp, xbox. To me, they look like the setup at Best Buy.

I realize that many of us have to contend with spouse acceptance factor but it seems like that would apply to the two channel rigs as well.

To be fair, I just posted pictures of my setup in the galleries. It can be found under "Matt HIFI". So fire away but I'm curious if anyone has noticed the same thing and might have some thoughts as to why this is.


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