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Phony push for more teachers

Over the weekend we learned an amazing fact from Obama’s campaign axe man David Axelrod.  Axelrod was trying to spin Obama’s comment that the private sector is doing just fine.  Axelrod admitted that the economy was  not doing all that well, and then told us that we could spur growth in the private sector by just hiring more teachers, policemen and firefighters.  Yeah!  That ought to do it.

Once again … we’re seeing focus groups at work here.  Let me try to spell this out for you.  First – understand, and I’m sure you do, that we have a president who believes that America is great because of government.   To Obama, the private sector is no more than a support mechanism for the federal government.  Anything that is actually good in our culture, our economy or our society came from government.  Just a few weeks ago this amazingly dangerous man actually said that it is government spending that made America great.

Now … if you believe that America IS government, you need to find a way to bring the majority of Americans on board with your ideas.  To do this you have to promote positive visions of government, and go out of your way to avoid any references to the negative aspects of government; aspects such as burdensome and unneeded regulations.  So --- gather together the focus groups!  Start asking these people about their perceptions of government and government workers.  How do you feel about building code inspectors?  How do you feel about IRS agents?  What about Fish and Wildlife agents?  EPA inspectors?  Postal workers?  Negative responses?  What a surprise?  But what about teachers?  Firefighters?  Police officers?  Oh yeah!  The people in those focus groups just LOVE firefighters, policemen and teachers.  So the message is clear --- If you’re Obama, or if you’re a Democrat, always be sure to refer to the federal government in terms of the big three – Teachers, policemen and firefighters.  Make these people the very face of government.  Use the Big Three to fight any calls for fiscal restraint or reducing the tax load.  If someone wants lower taxes they want to eliminate the Big Three.  If someone calls for smaller government they’re attacking the Big Three.

So that brings us to the SCOAMF, Barack Obama.  Well focus on one element of the Big Three here … teachers.  Dear Ruler would have you believe that if the Congress doesn’t pass his jobs plan (aka. another excuse for more borrowed spending), that our classrooms are going to swell with students and our education system is going to go down the tubes.  Remember that his plan to spur the private sector is to hire more teachers.  No that is not a typo … the private sector.

Anyway, when it comes to teachers and class sizes, what Obama DOESN’T tell you is that hiring has way outpaced student enrollment for years …

In 1960, there were 1.4 million public school teachers educating 36.3 million primary and secondary students. This represented a ratio of one teacher per 25.8 pupils.

In 2009, there were 3.2 million teachers – a 129 percent rise – educating 49.3 million students – a 36 percent rise. This represented a ratio of one teacher per 15.6 students.

You read that correctly: despite all the media carping and whining, average class size in this country has dropped by over ten students or 40 percent in the last 50 years.

Meanwhile, the quality of our education has only gone down the crapper.  What do we have to show for more teachers compared to kids in the classroom?  Generations of dumb masses.  Clearly class sizes isn’t the key to success.

Also, many are whining about our underpaid teachers.  Take the teachers unions in Chicago, who are going to strike in the fall because they want a 30% pay increase.  On average, a teacher in 2011 earned a salary of $54,220.  Compare that to the median income across the entire population of $49,445.  Even someone who graduated from government schools could tell you that teachers are doing better than the average American.

Durned those facts.  They sure get troublesome.  Let’s get another focus group together


Obama's 'axe man' David (Mr. Whipple) Axelrod:




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Is that you Neal?
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Good call
edever wrote:


Good Call my brother!! And after 42 years in broadcasting, The talkmaster is retiring soon.

I could only wish that I had the brilliance that Neal has aquired over the years.

Milton Friedman would have been proud!

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