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Phono Stage - Linn Linto vs Trigon Vanguard III

My setup is a Linn Sondek LP12, with an Ortofon Quintet Blue MC Cartridge & Walhalla power supply, Rega Elicit-R Amp, and B&W 702s for speakers.

The Rega amp does not have a phone stage and one is required for my MC cartridge. Friend gave me his old NAD PP2i phono stage he had no use for, which konked off recently. In next couple of years may want to upgrade the cartridge and amp - am not really in a hurry for this though.

I had meant to upgrade (always has the Linn Linto in mind) for a while, now kinda have to. Found a few used ones Linto online (neighborhood of EUR 700). A dealer has however offered me the Trigon Vanguard III: Linn Linto has a fixed setting whereas the Trigon settings can be played around with. I do not have an opportunity to hear the Linn and Trigon side by side, both of course have pretty compelling reasons to go with however.

Could this learned group help me make a decision, am open to other phono stages in the price range too.

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