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Petition against the Teapublican payroll tax cut

For those who think that funding a tax cut for working people by plundering the social security trust fund is just plain wrong:

You can send a note to Boehner if you think it might help.

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Bob B,

It's a little too late to e-mail (Boner) Boehner. The bill is going forth to the Senate where it will surely not pass and if it does, Obama said he would veto it. When it gets back to the house for re-approval, then that would be the appropriate time to contact your State Reps as well as majority speaker Boehner and minority speaker Pelosi.

If you remember correctly back in June and July, it was Obama and the democrats that initiated Social Security tax cuts. Don't remember the DCCC putting out a petition back then.

It's hypocritical that the DCCC and their spokesmouth Debbie Wasserman-Schultz is now concerned with Social Security tax cuts when just 6 months ago, Obama along with Wasserman-Schultz was offering huge cuts in Social Security.


 The other points in that DCCC petition, like this one:

"Lets billionaires and big oil off the hook. They won't pay one more cent under the Republican plan".

 I wonder if the DCCC is referring to Obama's jobs Czar, and heavy Obama campaign contributer, billionaire Jeffery Immelt of General Electric, who payed ZERO in federal taxes?? Again, hypocrisy on the part of the DCCC.  


The reason they are 'so concerned' now, is the fact of the Keystone pipeline is attached to it that would create 27,000 new jobs immediately, with an estimated 150,000 jobs altogether. Plus, it would lessen our dependence on foreign oil, lower the costs at the pump, and would further our partnership with our neighbors up north lessening our wrangling with OPEC.

With unemployment realistically at 15%, and the fact that this pipeline will be a job creator especially during a recession, why are the Democrats still beholden to the flat earth, zero growth environmentalist organizations?

That's what is; as you say, "just plain wrong".


Let's talk 'cuts'

Meaning, democrat cuts to medicare to fund obamacare.

Medicare's chief actuary Richard Foster warned: "The health care law reduces the rate of growth for payments to hospitals, nursing facilities, and other medical providers. But over time, the payment rates will decline so steeply that he said future Congresses may not actually implement them, just as they have routinely voted to avert scheduled cuts to physicians payments. Ifthe cuts do go into effect, many providers would be "unwilling or unable to continue providing services,” Foster said. Underquestioning from Rep. Tom Price, R-Ga., he later added, "The potential access problems could be serious."

The modest S.S tax break pales in comparison to the astronomical cost that will be laid at the doorstep of the American consumer, Insurance providers, Doctors, nurses, medical research, and will destroy medicaid, medicare and levies a heavy punitive tax burden on children that will inherit this monstrosity known as obamacare.

So when it comes to seniors, and their benefits like Social Security and medicare, the Democrats have no moral ground to stand on. This is nothing more than political posturing.

Take a look at this link Bob. It's from CATO, a Libertarian think-tank. You may find it interesting..well, maybe :-)

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