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Hey Jeff, I've been dying to try out the tweaks to the Marantz 67SE player. I have zero knowledge or experience with electronics, but I would be willing to pay you to give it a try on my player if you feel up to it. Check out this link and see what you think. This is an old player that I have enjoyed and have only been patiently waiting for it to croak to upgrade. Naturally, any potential disaster would be no big deal on my end and well worth the risk. I would hold you in NO WAY responsible. See whatcha think...

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Monty - I've bookmarked the site and will read through it more carefully when I'm less tired. I've taken a cursory glance at the list of mods... the op-amp stuff and thru-hole caps and bypassing can be done quite easily - it's just parts substitution and the biggest hassle is figuring out what exact parts are needed and ordering them. I'm not equipped to handle surface mount stuff, and while I'm decent with a soldering iron, I'm no Modmeister. I could probably help you out with some of that basic stuff, but, there are people far better qualified than I am to do it...

Holy Moley! There's a 216 page thread at diyAudio about mods for this player:

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