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Perception of change

I had an interesting thing happen to me last night.  I have been experimenting with moving my Magnepan speakers different distances from the wall.  The various positions effect the soundstage in different ways.  I was wearing my contacts while listening and changed to glasses.  When I wear my glasses, things seem farther away for a while until my eyes adjust.  

What is interesting is that I perceived a difference in the way my system sounded when I came back and listened to the same track.  The difference in what I heard was consistent with the differences I heard when the speakers were further back.  I changed back to contacts and everything sounded like before.  It seems that there is some type of "past experience" learning that effects current sonic perceptions.  I'm sure everyone's senses don't have the same degree of interaction, but they obviously effect one another.  

I wasn't really a huge proponent of blind testing, but I'm now coming around to it.  I always thought I could detect the subtlest of changes, but I'm going to be a bit more caucious going forward.  I'm experimenting a bit now with turning off the lights when listening and waiting a day or two to evaluate setup changes, giving time for my sense to "clear" and reevaluate.

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I don't know anything about glasses vs contacts as I only have glasses. I'm still trying to remember to try closing my eyes, or turning out the lights. I read from time to time that it's the thing to do. I have an especially hard time ignoring visual distraction at a dealer showroom, or at audio shows. I have noticed when I do close my eyes, I often lose track of where the midpoint is between my speakers, but it varies depending on the recording.

I usually listen at home daily. Haven't tried using time away as a palate cleanser, though I'm currently away on 10-day vacation, so I'll have to take note when I return.

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Glasses have earpieces that can cause some reflection near the ear.

I always take mine off when listening if i can.

JoeE SP9
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As commsysman said "glasses have earpieces". They cause a change in the sound. Glasses also change the acoustics associated with your head by their existence and position on your face. I take mine off when listening.

Bill B
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Do you find that a haircut makes a sonic difference too? 

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Bill B wrote:

Do you find that a haircut makes a sonic difference too? 


I don't know , as I don't have any hair ( to speak of ) , but taking my specs off does seem to make a slight difference .

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glasses change the sound I hear

I rarely wear glasses but at this year's Rky Mtn Audiofest I tried listening to rooms with them on.  I found them a great distraction and I could hear the difference easily with them on versus off.  I tried it at home and will continue to not wear glasses while listening.  I suppose it may be what you are used to.  Bill B, I can also tell when I wear my dunce cap.   :-)

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