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David Willet
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Pandora thru TiVoHD

I just set up an account with Pandora to run thru My TiVo. I see higher resolution files are available for the yearly subscription. The price sure is acceptable enough, but my knowledge if internet music sites are pratically zero. Can Pandora actually deliver something over redbook cd quality? And if they can, can a TiVo, pass it to My Mack Preamp? I currently have the Tivo hooked to the Mack by a digital connection, but could go to the analog 2 channel if it would make a difference. While i haven't listened to much of this setup yet, I gotta say so far It doesnt sound too bad now, at least it's good enough to hear what the cd will sound like, unlike listening to these crappy laptop speakers and trying to decide if I like that song well enough to take a chance on buying the cd. This looks like a great place to find new music. Gotta be better than listening to Amazons 30 seconds of the song recomendations for me. Anyway, just wondered if anybody knows anything about Pandoras and TiVos ability to pass the higher resolution music files to a dedicated home stereo that doubles as a multichannel rig for surround sound? And if Pandora cant delive it, are there any places like Pandora that can? I'm no fan of tying my computer and home hi fi together, but been reading too much about these hi resolution files to ignore it either. But if this will get me there, I could live with this quite well. Thanks all, enjoy the music.

Stephen Mejias
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Re: Pandora thru TiVoHD
Hello David.
Pandora is indeed one great place to find new music. I believe, however, that it is limited to 128kbps sound. See Kal Rubinson's review of the Squeezebox Touch.

Kal used the Touch as a source for hi-res downloads from HDTracks, Linn Records, and 2L.

Thanks for contributing to the forum.

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