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More stuff, indeed, but still quite neat.

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I feel compelled to start a fundraiser to buy you a comfortable chair to sit in.
Or, I suppose that would provide ample motivation to get your work done quickly.

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Thanks, but it's easier to remember deadlines in a chair like this one. (Picture a little metal cap rising above the backrest...)

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That looks like a Stickley chair and a Library table! Very nice. I collect some Stickley stuff myself!

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Good eye! I got that one new, in 2000, right after I lucked into an original old Stickley chair (unoriginal upholstery, though) at an auction. I'll post a pic after deadline time.

The library table is Janet's. I told her I'd put a new finish on it (I found a recipe for using a combination of various stains and glazes to emulate fumed oak), then I sneaked it in here instead.

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My ears are dying to hear that collection!

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AD did you do the refinish? I built a bed for an exchange student we had a few years ago. Water based gel coat followed by an oil based stain, It looked cool. The exchange student is gone but the bed is going strong, so to speak...

I love the chair. I have a Stickley desk, office chair, and sideboard in my office at work. They're the only concessions Uncle Sam gives me. : (

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I worked at radio sttaions that had fewer records. Very nice. Is this Heaven? No, just Art's rebuilt Quads!

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Now that's a wall of sound!!!

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Hello Art,
Heres a big fan of yours from Brazil. I wanna be like you when I grow up :-)
Besides the kidding thing, I really apreciate your work and the way you enjoy life and sound.
Kind regards

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...and Quads and Lamms on the other end!I would get nothing done.

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