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Onkyo A-5VL Integrated Amplfier or Harman-Kardon HK3490

I know we're not talking in the $$$$ range here as both sell presently between $300 and $350 on Amazon.  They were chosen in part by their cost, I have owned both brands before (HK being my first in early 70s), and that they possess digital inputs which many lesser amps and receivers (other than 7 channel AV) do not have.

I intend on running audio from my 2011 MacBook Pro via USB and an HRT Musicstreamer II into one of the analog inputs with possibly an Apple Tv with SP/DIF output and maybe my Bluray player.

Now, if I do use the HRT which outputs via RCA jacks for my highest quality audio, are there any better sounding amps or receivers around these prices?  What about NAD, Yamaha, Denon, etc?  I really dont care to do an A/V receiver with 4 to 6 channels I'll never use, just something 2 channel that will do justice to my lossless music and the HRT MusicStreamer.


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With your choice of DAC do you really need digital inputs?

All you need is an amp with RCA line level inputs. I'd look at the Music Hall A15.2 integrated amp. And I'd seriously consider spending $100 more on the DAC and get an Audioquest Dragonfly.

If you use iTunes, get the BitPerfect app at the Apple Store for $10.

What loudspeakers will you be using?

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