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One(maybe the strongest) reasons that audiophiles are a laughing stock!





says it all really. LOL

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I think he makes some very strong points.

“What we do is very simple, we just say ‘listen to the performance’. We play A, B, C, which time the musician plays better, and you know instinctively. You don’t need to know anything technical.

“It’s very easy, but if you don’t look at it that way it’s incredibly difficult. If you try to listen for some kind of thing in the background, forget it. That just doesn’t work. And that’s what Vertere is about – it’s about the performance, the music, not the technicalities.”


Geoff Kait, Machina Dynamica

SAS Audio
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Your title is somewhat

One(maybe the strongest) reasons that audiophiles are a laughing stock!

It is just a few who believe only a few measurements are necessary, so why condemn all audiophiles and music lovers. Please attempt to post accurate information.

The vast majority of us go beyond measurements and listen to achieve perfection. For example, I performed listening tests for over 3.5 years before marketing a super reference preamplifier. No added harshness, nor syrup, nor altered soundstage. Just accuacy confirmed by another's listening tests as well.

(The pre is the only component that can be tested for accuracy.)



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Well, of course Geoff agrees with him


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