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Joined: Dec 5 2010 - 12:34pm
one year

   Although I've been reading Stereophile since 1993 , I just realized that it's been only one year today since I joined the web site . 

   I would like to take this time to say that this forum may not be as active as many would like but most posts are well thought out and well written , and I for one think that's more valuable then a bunch of mindless responses . 

   Thanks to all for an interesting and thought provoking year , I'm looking forward to another year of educational , entertaining , infuriating and sometimes comical posts and responses .

                                                                                Regards  Tim

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I like that

Those are my sentiments exactly Tim.

'93 was the same year I got my first subscription. 

The forum has provided me with a wealth of knowledge on audio. With all things considered, this really is a good forum.



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Funny enough

I was a subscriber to the mag for several years post Listener, but am now only active with the Forums.

For the most part I'm very impressed with both the staff and users associated with this forum.  A very informative pasttime.

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