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One of the best months for music reviews in my recollection!


I counted, and your March issue will have driven me to acquire more than my allowance is set for.

And it weren't limited to one reviwer. Robert Levine, John Swenson, Stephen, and Thomas Conrad all had solid hits!

David Murray, Vince Mendoza, Donald Harrison,  Joel Frahm, Helen Gillet (Sam's daughter?) Bob Belden, Sharon Van Etten, James Armstrong, and Paul Lewis are all going to be playing a shared bill at my house soon. Quite an array, especially if you think about any other publication's range of musical discussion.

Now, if I only had a local B&M store to buy them from.

Maybe it's my mood, but the most recent RTD4 was also spectacular - my wife curses you when she opens the Visa bill.



Ariel Bitran
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Glad you could enjoy.

Stephen Mejias
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I was also pretty psyched about March's "Record Reviews" section.  April is a killer, too.

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helen gillet

i would like to find a link to the Helen Gillet review.  I would like to send that to Ms Gillet. I am on her email list

she is not aware of it.  I gave away that months addition so dont have it anymore


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