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Old Jazz ?

I know this is going to sound like a novice question , but .

I've heard folks saying they don't like old style Jazz . Can someone here give me a discription of what old Jazz is and in particular what the differences betwen old and new are ? 

Ariel Bitran
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A Guess

Is that when people refer to "old style jazz" they could be referring to two thing:

- New Orleans style, based off a mix of ragtime (which is a development of 20th century american composition), blues, and creole influence


- Big band music from NY (Benny Goodman for example)?


new jazz:

starting around Charlie Parker/be-bop era, when cats starting going a little more out, starting playing faster, and everything got a little more complex. (Not that it wasn't already very complex!)

Allen Fant
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Ragtime/Big Band, neither do

Ragtime/Big Band, neither do I.

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