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Old audio equipment from my dad, help a newbie out

Hello everyone. Ive been doing some reading but Im still very new. I have some audio equipment left over from when my dad was into listening and I was wondering if any of it were worth selling or using still. Ive provided detailed pictures which I resized to make loading easier. If you take a look and let me know what im dealing with it would be much help.

in a nutshell its a record player, a pioneer amp, two KLN speakers, two other speakers, some kind of phase lineator thing I dont even understand, and a tape player which may just be junk, and an EQ.

Space isnt really an issue and Im wondering how this stuff holds up to modern day entry-level equipment. My alternative if all this isnt worth keeping is to spend around 400 on some wharfedale 10.1s and a wharfdale sub based on what ive read seems like a good enough deal. 

so please advise, the more detail the better.

Some pics may be low quality but I figured actually seeing the items in question would give a better explanation than I could describe

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All the equipment you may

All the equipment you may find info in the manufacturer's website for vintage gear, or on-line. You can even locate manuals for each of these if you need.

The Technics turntable was great for budget systems back then. If it still runs well, great find. Make sure the stylus on the turntable is not worn-out or you'll damage the records with a single playing.

The Audio Control unit is a 'equilizer' that boosts or cuts a specific band of frequencies around the labeled center frequency. It has adjustments for the each of the 10 octaves of the audio range, and looks like it has a analyzer that helps you adjust each one for how it sounds. 

You also have a cassette player/recorder, an AM/FM tuner, the integrated amplifier with a phono input and two speaker pairs. The phase linear thing may be something to synthesize a wider stereo image or something to improve 2-channel listening, I'm not sure.

I'd say what you have is a good start on a system. I still think the vintage gear is worth it, and built well too. Some of today's stuff have electronic on/off, and if that fails, you can't even turn it on, and often they do not have parts for the power board. 

Hook them up and listen to it.

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