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NuPrime IDA-16 vs Creek Evolution 100a (w/ Ruby) vs Aura Note V2

Trying to put together a quality 2nd system for a moderately sized master bedroom. Need an integrated amp to pair with KEF LS50s but there is nowhere nearby to audition equipment. WAF and limited space for components has me interested in single box solution. Price target is <$3000 for the integrated amp. I've narrowed my choices to the Creek Evolution 100a, NuPrime IDA-16, and Aura Note v2.

I prefer the slimline case design of the Creek & Nuprime due to my planned location but am considering the Aura as well for its inclusion of a CD player (a format I haven't used for years but might be nice to break back out & the Mrs might appreciate) and because it got an A-rating in the most recent recommended components list. Sources will be mostly digital files via MacBook/Tidal and a VPI Nomad turntable, but the option of Bluetooth (built-in or via dongle) or easy iPad connectivity is required to keep me in less trouble. We listen to mostly jazz, classic rock, & oldies and the amp will be connected for rare use with the bedroom TV/DirecTV/DVD as well.

Long story short, has anybody heard all three of the above integrated amps and able to give me feedback about how they compare to each other in terms of sound? Any particular quality/reliability issues from any of the three manufacturers I should be wary of? All three get glowing reviews, but its tough to know how they compare to each other without the chance to audition them myself.

I understand there are other great amps out there, but would prefer to keep the discussion about these three for now. Thanks.

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