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Frank Kim
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Numark pt01 speed inconsistancy issue

One of my greatest mistakes that I made recently is to purchase NUMARK PT01 item. I have few hundred of LP, EP and SP records so that I really wanted to convert into digital files for all of them and pt01 was so fascinating for me.

Upon purchasing, I realized that turntable revolution speed is completely inconsistent especially for 33 rpm LP. I tried to switch with a couple of electric power however the problem does not resolved.

Lastly, I realized that the turntable matrass is not attached properly on the turntable so that I demounted and attached very carefully with both-sided tape, which makes the problem a little bit resolved, however basically the problem still makes me crazy.

I have contacted manufacturer but I do not expect any of positive reply from them since, as longas I understand, the service of NUMARk is well know to be horrible.

This morning, I checked about the detail specification of PT01 and realized that the maker does not mention any of "wow and flutter" term on the specification. As well known, "wow and flutter" is the critical specification which guarantee the consistency of the turntable.

Usually, turntable makers basically guarantee the consistency of the turntable speed based on the wow and flutter spec., which I thought it is just the common sense, but it unfortunately was not common sense to the NUMARK!!..

One of my questions is how NUMARK still selling this item??? I do not care NUMARK's company policy and philosophy because I will never buy any item of NUMARK in my while life!!

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Cheap USB Turntables

Unfortunately, inexpensive USB turntables like the Numark PT01USB, which can be purchased for $99, are generally not high fidelity items. It's not just Numark you have to watch out for. A Denon DP-29F for $161 at least publishes wow & flutter specs (.15%), but I still wouldn't play my records on it.

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