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"Noobie" stylus/cartridge question

I'm new to the forum so please be gentle....
I want to upgrade the stock stylus/cartridge of my AT LP120x. My budget for the stylus is $200 and have no idea about what the proper cartridge combo would be so suggestions would be appreciated. I understand that spending $200+ on a new set up might be over kill for the price I paid for the LP120x, so feedback on that would also be appreciated. So far, I've only looked at the AT VMN95SH Shibata

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Best Bet

Your best bet is to speak with an audio or stereo shop sales person to see what might work best with that turntable. That being said, a vast majority of the publications seem to indicate the Ortofon Red is a great inexpensive cartridge for 99 bucks. Haven't heard that one but have heard the Ortofon Blue in a Rega P3 and that is a great cartridge at 236 bucks. Another option is to speak with the folks at Music Direct, Crutchfield, Audio Advice, Audio Advisor, World Wide Stereo or reputable on-line audio dealers like that. Yet another option would be to read the articles in Analog Planet. Can't beat Michael Fremer for questions like this. He might even respond to your email question about this. His advice is, generally, spot on.

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