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NHT B-10d vs emotiva Sub 10

not using price as a deciding factor and these are my only two options.

Emotiva Sub 10 and NHT's B-10d, which one is a better sub to go with for a 3.1 setup of 3 NHT SuperZero fronts/center

60% TV/Movies & 40% music usage. Room size 13x19.

[Only between these two subs I am not looking at anything else] Emotiva is $60 cheaper and was wondering if NHT B-10d is really better than emotiva sub 10?

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Even if the EQ on the NHT B-10d works

it is likely not worth the extra $200.  Looking at Internet sources the NHT B-10d is $499 plus shipping and the Emotiva Ultra Sub 10 is $299 delivered.  No brainer, get the Emotiva.

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