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Shorty Long
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Newbie Seeking Advice on Amp/Speakers

Hello all:

I'm new to the forum, and new to the world of vinyl/turntables/etc., and I'm seeking some expert advice.

I'm getting in at the ground level knowledge is pretty limited, but I've been working towards acquiring a system for quite some time. Last summer I purchased a u-turn audio turntable, and it is set to deliver tomorrow.

I've also purchased the phono pre-amp, so I'm now in the market for an amp/speaker setup to complete things. Does anyone have suggestions?

here are the factors at play for me:
1. price; money is certainly an object; i'm talking no more than $300 for speakers/amp
2. location; i live in a rural area, so there are no local options for me, shopping will be online
3. simplicity; i'm far from an expert when it comes to this equipment, so it will have to be fairly idiot-proof
4. quality; i understand my budget limits me here, but i want the most bang for the buck (duh)
5. finally; i'll be listening mostly to indie/rock/etc., but i'm not looking to blow anyones doors off, smallish bookshelf type speakers would be fine for me

-I have considered going the vintage route for speakers in particular, but my location would limit that to shopping online exclusively, and that's proven to be difficult for me
-I have also considered going the "powered" speaker route, but i'm not sure if that's best

any and all suggestions are welcomed and appreciated


Bill B
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My top suggestion is AudioEngine 5+ speakers.  They are $399 for a new pair, and are powered speakers (so no external amp needed).  They somewhat exceed your price target, but you might find the previous version (5, not the 5+) for less.  There's no audio difference between the versions.  But they meet your online criteria (they sell online direct, as well as through online vendors such as Crutchfield), and your simplicity criteria definitely, and your quality criteria definitely (read the enthusiastic reviews from many sources), and your size criteria.

If you want to just spend $200, get the smaller ones, the AudioEngine 2's.

Or consider the Adam F5 powered speaker, around $300, available online through Guitar Center and others.

There are other good choices out there, and others may recommend passive speakers with an amp.  That's a good way to go, too, but somewhat less simple.


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