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newbie looking for 2 channel cd music speakers
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Vandersteen 3As at Tone Studio in Indianapolis or Superior Audio Systems in Chicago.

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I will second jackfish's advice , hard to beat Vandersteens at any level , Richard seems like a reasonable fellow from what I have read too . You may also want to check out offerings by Paradigm , Zu and Revel . As you mentioned an audition is most important , when you do find something that rings your bell try to hear them in at least two different setups .
I like your way of thinking , spend your budget on one good component and later work on the rest , to many folks try to buy everything at once within a given budget and end up with a bunch of low end stuff and are not happy for long . When you get to the amp stage make sure you buy one with enough power , thats a big room . I hope I was nice . Tim

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I was just looking in this price range for a buddy of mine and ended up recommending a pair of ZU Audio Omen Def loudspeakers for him. It seems the 3-4K price range is a pretty tough one to shop in for floor standing speakers that can do it all. From what I saw most were made up of small, delicate looking drivers with speaker cabinets chocked full of plastic pieces.

After much searching it came down to two brands, one of which has already been mentioned in this thread (Vandersteen) but the ZU Audio Omen Def was a better match for his usage and listening tastes.

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I am doing a 7.1 system but want the system to serve dual purposes and shopped for a great audio speaker.  Currently, I have a set of Infinity Kappa 8.1s which I love but my wife hates because they are "freakin huge." 

I listened to the B&W 600 series and was unimpressed relative the to Kappa's.  Lovely speaker, but I did not feel it was a step forward.  I was very impressed by the B&W CM9s.  It was an outstanding speaker compared to anything else I listened to including the Martin Logans and is worth an audition.  Frankly, I think the best speaker I listened to all day. 

They will come in at the low end of your price range at $3000 for the pair, probably less if you get them from a dealer that is not Best Buy.  Use the savings and pick up a nice power amp.  Check out Emotiva which is an advertiser here.  They make a nice power amp that can be sourced for less than $1000.




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You might want audition some sub/sat combos. I know you said you can't afford a sub, but you could probably get a pair of shelf speakers and a sub for $3k or less that sound better than a pair of floor speakers. Check it out!

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You really should look at the Triton Two speakers from Golden Ear Technology by Sandy Gross. He has always brought value and quality together. I think you can get a pair for about $2500 or the whole system with a center channel speaker and sattelites for an additional grand. Here's a link:


Spineguy, looking at our handles are you a Chiropractor as well?


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