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Newbie computer/audiophile questions

Hi everyone,


Ok, I have a few questions and I'm sorry if some of this seems so obvious, but I'm a little overwhelmed with information and I need to get some of this straight! 


Setup- Peachtree 220/Nova Pre. Waiting for my Salk Songtowers to be built. I JUST ordered the Oppo 103.

If I use Ruku or Apple TV (I have both) and connect via HDMI to the Oppo and a Coaxial to the Nova Pre in hopes I can stream MOG and maybe get a better sound as opposed to the down sample I would get from Airplay to ATV. My question is: will this work?

I was thinking about getting a Mac Mini and run hi-rez files through that, but now I'm thinking I could start with a 128 Gbt thumb drive, load ANY lossless file and plug it in the back of the Oppo. If that works, I think I could get a huge external HD and connect to the Oppo and achieve the same results without having to convert any Flac to Alac, wave, etc. Hell, I could get 2TB for a fraction of the cost of a Mac Mini, and if I'm correct, it will be far more convenient.

Will the extra step in going through the Oppo to the Pre effect anything? One of the nice parts of doing it the way I want to is I'll be able to navigate easily as the TV will display whats on the storage. If this works, I think it would be pretty cool.

I have another 4-6 weeks until I can actually hear anything and waiting for those speakers is torture with my new amp/pre sitting in the cabinet alone. I'm think it will be worth it, but until then, I'm exploring options.


Thanks in advance.

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Wouldn't use apple TV

I would recommend not using your apple TV to stream music. I have tried this on my system and after some research, I believe apple TV up/down samples everything to 48khz, not sure the bit depth. I actually have a airplay receiver in the rack to listen to music from streaming services when the song isn’t on my music server.


With that said, J rivers MC has a performer store which lets you stream music. It’s the best sounding streams I’ve hear, even though the bit rate seems lower than most. (with that said, that also has the best connection to the system since I can bypass windows mixer and send straight to an outboard dac so a perfect a/b isn’t possible with Spotify and MOG. Best i can get is airplay to airplay recevier, then optical to a simaudio dac, but i think MOG sounds signficantly better out of those two.

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