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New Turntable - Recommendation

My old Systemdek II has finally died peacefully - the motor and power supply have stopped working. Rather than replacing these I intend to shop for a new turntable.

I have a budget of about $1500 but could stretch it by maybe $500. I intend to use my existing Audio Note IQIII MM cartridge and Simaudio LP3 phone stage for the time being.

My Preamp is an Ayre K5XE-MP.

Musical tastes include prog rock, classical, some jazz etc etc.

So what are the best TT's for this amount of money? Music Hall? Clear Audio? Pro-Ject?

Thanks for any advise










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DJ style table???

I'm a fan of the Technics SL1200MK II You can add a bunch of tweaks and all kinds of fun stuff. It appears that this model has been discontinued but the SL-1200MK5 is available.

But these are direct drive and I know most prefer belt drive.

JoeE SP9
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New TT

How about the new VPI Traveller, Clearaudio Concept, Project Perspex or Music Hall 7.1. I would choose any of these over any Technics SL1200xx. 

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I'd also look at the Sota Comet III with the RB301 tonearm
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Rega vs. VPI ??

I'm in a similar position and have about the same budget as Mike.

Was on the fench between the VPI Traveller and the Rega RP6.  Has anyone heard both?  Are there "house sounds" that either company has a reputation for?

Listened to the Clearaudio Concept and liked it a lot, but because of the magnetic tonearm system it won't work with my somewhat "springy" hardwood floors.  Will look into the Comet.

JoeE SP9
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Here's one vote for the VPI Traveller. I've been a VPI owner since the mid 80's.

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