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New Turntable Advice-Rega P3 24 V Clearaudio Concept


Hello all

I'm getting more and more into Vinyl and want to spend money on a table that I wont have to think of changing for many years but I dont know whether to go for the Rega with the external TTPSU or to pump for the Clearaudio. 

I've seen and demo'd both tables, albeit not with my amp or speakers but these are likely to be upgraded in the coming years (currently Marantz PM 6003 and Monitor Audio Bronze BX2).  I like them both but apart from prefering the Clearaudios looks and the Rega having a dustcover I'm finding it almost impossible to list any more pros or cons for each table. 

I'm wondering what you reckon will be the better investment or which has the better plinth and tonearm for stylus/cartridge upgrades over the years.  

Hoping more experienced guys can guide me and point out some things that I haven't considered....

Many thanks


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I have the Concept and I would go for that. I would also get it w/o the cart. The tonearm is very good and it has a magnetic bearing. I have had 4 or 5 TT's in the past so I am not a novice. In Fremer's June 2011 issue he reviewed it and gave it a good one. I don't know what kind of music you like but since I like a strong midrange, I put a Benz cart on it. Also the liberal trade up policy that Benz has is incredible. Why wait for a re-tipping on the stylus when you get a better one with a fair trade?

Don't worry about a cover. Go to a fabric store and get about 2 square feet of a smooth muslin type fabric in your desired color. Fold it in half or quarters and it will cover your TT nicely. The Concept has a very good plinth and I already mentioned the tonearm.

Stephen Scharf
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Go for the Concept

I have the original Planar 3 and also a Concept, and I would recommend the Concept as a superior deck. The arm on the Concept is fantastic, and the table has a detailed and punchy sound; it works great with wood bodied cartridges like Grado, Clearaudio and Benz for example. 

The Concept performs much more in the P5 price class and I would say is a better table even than the P5.

IMHO, nothing can touch the Concept at $1500 or under. 


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I like the Concept

My cap was hard at $1000 so I bought a P3-24 with an Elys 2 cartridge, but wished I had the budget for the Concept.  I thought it was the superior table but could not talk my wife into letting me spend the extra cash as I am way over budget on my system. 

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