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New Tonearm

I have a music hall mmf-5. In a unfortunate series of events I broke off the decoupled stem for the counterweight on the Project tone arm. I talked to the manufacturer who told me that I need to replace the tonearm. I plan on purchasing a new table, but want to keep this one for a second system. Does anybody have any suggestions for a tonearm that would be below $300 and would be able to be incorporated without to much retooling of my existing table?

Below is the broken tonearm.

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Personally, I would just get a replacement for the original tonearm from MUSIC HALL. That will be less expensive and more satisfactory.

The dealer you bought it from should be able to obtain the parts, and if they are nice they may be able to do so at a reduced price compared to what you would pay direct.

I don't know of any tonearms that are less than $600; most tonearms are much higher than that.

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I do know of one less than $600... actually 3.

Jelco makes 3 well-designed tonearms that have evolved over the past 30 years.  

Ebay is the only place to find them, or with their brick & mortar counterparts.  I intend on buying an SA-750D that is a few bucks under the Rega 303, and quite a bit more flexible on installation and upgrade modifications, and reportedly better sonically.

I own a Premier FT-3, the direct decendent to the model, and aside from other reviews feeling that it was a smidge better than the original RB-300, repairing one is a great deal more difficult than repair a Rega tonearm.  I write from direct experience, and great disappointment. (The tonearm wires always bind the bearings!) 

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