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New System for my Dad, need help!

Hey guys!

First post here, new to the forums.  So us kids are all chipping in for a system for our dad (huge music guy) for christmas and after many hours of research I think we found what we want.  Curently we are planning to get the Magnepan MMG speakers and Rythmik Audio's F12 12'.  So what we were wondering is what reciever we should get to power the system?

Also, we want the reciever to be able to power a couple cheap speakers we have on the porch.

Any info would be much appreciated!


Thanks in advance,


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May not be exactly advice you are looking for, but...

I realize this may not be what you are asking, so please take in the spirit given...

If he is a huge music guy, I would rather see you skip the sub (at $800?) and put the diff into the Magnepan MG 12's (about $1200) as oppossed to $600 for the MMG's. If the sub is a must, ignore this part!

I would go for an integrated amp instead of the receiver (if is it for MUSIC only). You didn't say what sources he has or will be getting (CD, 'table, etc)? Look at NAD, Cambridge Audio, Creek, Music Hall, Marantz. These all give great performance for the buck. You need to be careful regarding the power rating as the MG 12's (as well as the MMG's) are lower effeciency (86dB) and are rated at 4 ohms.

I know this may not be what you were asking,  but may be food for thought...

Cranky Audio Guy, Inc.


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