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New system ideas

So longtime lurker. I would like to build a home stereo system but really ave no idea where to start. My budget is between 1000 and 1500 but less is always better. This system will be for in home music listening. I want something that sounds great for a wide variety of music as I listen to everything from hardcore/metal, rock, lots of instrumental bands like mono and explosions in the sky, some jazz, some drone/ambient etc but no rap or country. Most of my music is digital on my iPad or computer and CDs. I don't own any vinyl and don't really need a record player at this time.  I don't own any equipment right now other than a pair of sennheiser headphones. Any ideas? I thought about jumping on the sonos bandwagon with a couple of play 5 and a sonos subwoofer but thought I'd look around and see what else is out there at the same price point. Thanks guys

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Suggestion for a system:

--Music Hall A15.2 integrated amplifier or NAD 326BEE.

--Cambridge DACmagic DAC

--Wharfedale Diamond 10.2 speakers.

That system will cost you well under $1500. Music Direct has the 15.2 amplifier and the speakers, and Audio Advisor has the other gear.


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